About Us

Food for thought and thought for food!

Soch Foods was launched on 2nd May 2016 by partners Rohit Pugalia, Purvi Pugalia & Shabbir Hatim.

The company was created from a thought that arose after the team's observation of Rohit Pugalia's healthy eating pattern.

Munchilicious, a subsidiary of Soch Foods LLP, is a granola based brand that promotes healthy snacking and currently has 3 delicious variants. Our munchies come power-packed with nutrition and “just-fall-in-love-taste” that even your palate welcomes it with a warm heart!

Head Ya Tail was established with the fervour of strengthening in India the passion of treasuring timeless collectibles. A passionate and amateur collector – Rohit – the founder of Head Ya Tail asserts, “So far in our country, coin & stamp memorabilia is predominantly limited to those issued in India and antiques”.

Our Products

You guilty sinner.

Every day, when your growling, starving tummy reminds you that you've been far too busy to eat, what do you do? You reach out for anything that is fast and edible, in that order. And while you are busily chomping away on that, you also drown out the small voice in your head that warns you against it. And only then, once your hunger has disappeared, comes the overpowering guilt of adding more junk food in your body.

Let’s break this cycle with delicious, healthy and crunchy snacks, bite by bite.

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